Aims & Objectives

Pak Reliance Trade & Travels attempts to provide highly skilled and unskilled manpower as per requirement of our respected overseas employer clients. In addition to meet the basic technical requirement of our client, we ensure that selected personnel believe in team works, discipline, upholding of civil values sincerity and loyalty to the employers.

Client’s satisfaction is one of the major elements in any companies bond of excellence. It has always been part of the company’s mission to excel by focusing and fulfilling client’s requirements and challenges.
We look forward to a healthy and long lasting relationship with our valued clients
Training And Mobilize
In order to cater the demand of our valued client, we impart training to all prospective candidates, as per general requirement of our client’s in technical trade test centre, Moreover, we mobilize the best available workers for interview and test through advertisement in the leading National Daily Newspapers & also from other technical and centers, procurement of CVs/Bio data of prospective candidates and also through consulting databank of the company.
Pak Reliance Excellence.
Pak Reliance’s obligation is to provide prompt and effective services towards the recruitment of manpower to our valued clients around the world.
As for as our Chief Executive, he rendered service in NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) M/o Interior, Govt of Pakistan as Director General, an expert of human resource and placement service having proven track record expertise, for more than 3 & half decades. He is highly experienced person of his field who directly involves himself in the recruitment of highly professional technical personnel, skilled craftsman and unskilled labourer.
Nadra is authority where databank of all Pakistanis are maintained with their qualification, occupation and foreign service record, with huge net work of its offices established throughout country and all over the world.
Our Chief Executive. is thoroughly familiar with the entire procedure of exports of manpower form Pakistan when in august 1993 he got issued a licence for recruitment of manpower for his real younger brother with company name “Arabian Const & Trade ” which remained functional under his constant supervision and guidance for 16 years.
We are delighted to inform that since establishment of company “Arabian Const & Trade” more than 5000 manpower has been provided to various highly reputed companies of U.A.E. This company has also associated offices in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka for supply of all categories of people with full responsibility of their suitability.


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